School Management Software (eSchool)

eSchool Important Features

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Student Demographics:
  • Captures student data with Photo.
  • Same Photo will be used on Hall Ticket, Progress-card, Birthday Report and Student HUB
  • Customized student reports.
  • Central Hub where from Principal can see Student info with photo, Marks,Fee details,Attendance,delivered personal SMS,scanned doucments.
  • Documents like Birth or Caste certificates,TC can be scanned and attached to each student .
  • Generates Bonafied Certificate in seconds.
  • Generates Dice-Reports like gender-wise, caste-wise strength reports
  • Generates Marks reports which are to be submitted to Govt Officials.


  • Capturing Daily Attendance.
  • Showing Monthly attendance on the Progress Card.
  • Capturing Staff Attendance.
  • Sending AbsenteeSMS to Parents.

Fee Management:

  • Fee collection and Printing Receipt through system. SMS alert will be sent to the parent instantly.
  • Covered all types of structured , unstructured and old student fees,Material Fee
  • Option of Different types of mode of payments like Cash, Cheque, Online.
  • Allows Fee Concession and Scholarship.
  • Instant display of Fee Due and Payment History of selected Student
  • Sibling Fee details.
  • Maintaining stock for Material like Uniform,Diaries,Shoesetc
  • Taking fee and generating receipt will take only 6 to 8 seconds.
  • After generating fee receipt operator cannot change it. Admin has to send change request through official email to our support. All such requests will be recorded.
  • Automatic carry forward of Previous year balance to the Current year.
  • Automatic credit of of Previous Balance when paying current year fee
  • Automatic carry forward of Outgoing student fee due to old student fee due.
  • Generating different types of Fee Reports like feepaidlist,feeduelist,fee ledger summary for each student etc.,
  • Fee Due report for entire college can be generated in few seconds.
  • Fee Due SMS can be sent to the parents in fee seconds through system with student name and amount.
  • Day cash report with abstracts like Fee Type wise , Mode of Payment wise, Cashier wise.
  • Capturing Head-wise Expenses
  • Printing Debit Voucher
  • Head wise expenses recording – issue of debit voucher.
  • Day cash SMS to partners.

Exams & Marks:

  • Standard formative and Summative Exams
  • Customized Exams
  • Capturing Exam Timetable
  • Genarating hall tickets with Photo.
  • Generating Progresscards with Logo, Photo,Comparative table with Graph, Monthwise attendance
  • Option of printing Principal Signature
  • Please download brochure by clicking on Red Button on the right and see last page for sample progresscard
  • Sending Marks SMS.
  • Analysing student performanace using graph.
  • Enquiry SMS.
  • Admissiont SMS.
  • Absentee SMS.
  • Fee Paid SMS.
  • Fee Due SMS.
  • Birthday SMS.
  • Bus Route SMS.
  • Homework SMS.
  • Home work not done SMS.
  • Exam Portion SMS
  • Marks SMS.
  • Individual SMS
  • Group SMS reg Holidays or Bandh
  • Class-wise,Section-wise SMS.
  • Day Cash book SMS which has to send by the end of the day to the Management
  • Customized Group SMS.
  • Rolls and Privileges: Management can define what forms are to be opened for each user.
  • Logs: Application will write logs with Computer Name Username, Time and Activity.
  • GUI: Application will work on internet but appears like desktop application.
  • More secured as it is not browser based.
  • Our Support center will be Open Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 6 PM for any help.
  • All Support Calls will be tracked
Demo and Installation:
  • Please call 9963659358 and Schedule ONLINE demo
  • Management has to Provide the following:
    • Signed Agreement
    • Basic Student Information on Excel file(We Email Blank Excel file)
    • Logos and College Building Image
    • Void Receipt
    • Advance Money
  • Installation will be done within 4 business days after receiving the above
  • Kick-Off Call will be made Online after installation
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