Shop Management Software

  • Item Management
  • Categorizing the Items
    Adding/Modifying/Deleting Items under Each Category

  • Sales Management
  • Maintaining Price Info/Tax Info/Discount Info For Each Item
    Generating Invoice/Quotation For Each sale

  • Item Stock Management
  • Adding Stock
    Updating Stock Details After each Sale
    Maintaining Critical Level For Each Item. So that System Alerts the Admin whenever an item reached its critical level

  • Expenses Management
  • Generating Day Cash Report /Mini Balance Sheet
  • Shift Management
  • Customer Info Management
  • Adding Stock
    Maintaining Customer Details For Each Sale
    Tracking regular customers and maintain special discounts.

  • Employee Administration
  • Sending SMS
  • ASending Promotional SMS
    sending Individual/Group SMS to Customers on special offers etc.,
    sending SMS to customer after each sale